Review on popular Urban Decay products

There are lots and lots of Urban Decay products. Some are awesome, and some SUCK. For example, Urban Decay Primer Potion is AWESOME. Midnight Cowboy eyeshadow sucks with it's chunky glitter and major fall out. Here are some more products for review!

Urban Decay liquid liner:
I give these 3.5 stars out of 5. Their pigmentation is awesome! And I love how it will not budge once it sets. However, the built in brush sucks. It is not stiff enough and very thin, so unless you have the steadiest hand in the world, it takes FOREVER to get a smooth, precise line. That being said, if you use a different brush like I do, you will really enjoy this product. It is especially great for concealing the lash band on falsies.

Urban Decay 24/7 pencils:
I give these 5 out of 5 stars! They go on buttery smooth with EXCELLENT pigmentation, and I did a little experiment with them to see how long they would last on the back of my hand and it stayed on forever, even after my shower! I had to remove it with an oil based remover. I definitely recommend these, especially if you are going to the beach or in the pool.

Urban Decay Cream Shadow:
I give these 4 out of 5 stars becauseI really liked them, and they stayed on wonderfully and looked beautiful, but some of the colors went on chunky. I absolutely loved Weeds and Whipped (not pictured) but I didn't like Moonshine. It's kind of hit or miss, so make sure you swatch them before you buy them! They do look AWESOME under shadows though, so make sure to try them as a base as well.

My Vanity/How I store my makeup

Hey guys! These are a bunch of pictures of my vanity where I have been doing my tutorials. You can see how I store most of my makeup, I do have more in my "kit" which is basically my traincase that I store all the makeup I use for jobs. Also I have made an addition that is not pictured but I will get around to showing you, my "lippie bar" which is filled with all my lipsticks, glosses, liners, etc. and it is REALLY cute. Enjoy!

This is my vanity, I got the furniture part from IKEA, and the mirror at Big Lots haha

These are some of my perfumes, some of them are missing their nozzles. Booo. I have more but those are in my bathroom :)

These are some of my facial brushes from Crown brush, I put them in a container I got from an art supply store that holds artists brushes, and I taped MAC promo pics all over it haha.

These are my eye brushes from Crown brush in my Pursebuzz (I love her) inspired Brush holder. It's made out of a terrarium so it has a lid to keep dust off! And that picture is of me and my boyfriend Jon at a Mets game <3

These are my MAC brushes, I have 4 glass holders for them but you can't really tell which ones I have from this angle. They are organized from face brushes and kabukis on the left to eyebrushes on the right.

These are just two glass pretty containers (they have etched designs in them but you can't really tell) that I put my ESSENTIAL q-tips and cotton rounds in. I don't know what I would do without them.

This is a look of the whole thing from the side...

This drawer holds my tape, lots of fake lashes, sharpener, misc. lip items and liners, lipsticks, ang glosses...

This section holds all my palettes...theres a lot of them... my MSF's, my little white basket of everyday essentials including smashbox primer, UDPP, blacktrack fluidline, brow pencil, etc. and my nars bronzer and blush and mascaras and liners are here too.

These are where my pigments live, all the jars on the left and center are full sized jars but I put them into clear containers so I can see the color from the top, and so I can back to MAC the jars for new eyeshadows! (smart!!) The little white basket has pigment samples (there's a ton of them) and the pink basket (its actually a pencil/pen organizer) holds all my MAC mineralized eyeshadows. My hello kitty palettes are also located here as I have not depotted them...yet :)

Lastly, this drawer has a plastic bead organizer in it that I have a bunch of full sized pigments in, BUT I don't recommend it because I have dropped it quite a few times and they get mixed and spilled. :( Also in this drawer are brush rolls, and my brush belt which is not pictured here.