These are lashes I got off of Ebay. I found them after watching one of Misscheivous' (is that how you spell it??? I don't know... sigh...I love her though...) videos. She got ebay lashes from seller Glamlabel and I checked it out one night when I was bored. I ended up buying two boxes of twenty lashes (yay!!!) in different looks (one a natural, wispy, criss cross pattern, and one a full dramatic lash) for about $17 altogether including shipping from Hong Kong. I actually paid in British pounds (So if it says $1.17 GBP, pleeeease know that you are paying in pounds!) Anywhoooo these are AWESOME! I love them! And I love not having to run out and buy a pair of lashes because I don't have anymore, these should last me a while! Just search for Glamlabel and go through her items for sale and you'll see both these types of lashes! And just so you know, some may be timid buying something they put on their eyes from China, and while I can't certify that these are 100% safe as I don't know how they are produced, most (if not all) false lashes are made in asian countries such as China, even MAC! :)

This is how the full, dramatic lash looks like:
Check Spelling


Hello Kitty collection!!

I love the packaging on everything, sooo cute.
This picture sucks, but whatever :)

The case is sleek and pretty, and from first
glance these colors are kind of... bland. But I started playing with them and they really are awesome!

They are nice and bright as you can tell from the swatches. The pale gold is a bit blah on me but I am also extremely pale.

This is my favorite palette! Just look at it! So pretty.

The swatches are awesome. My favorite colors in it are Too Dolly and Romping, but I also love Stately Black if its packed on, and yogurt is a great staple to have in your collection! It gets a lot of flack for being chalky, but mattes just dont seem to be impressive next to a really shimmery color.

I have had Very Pink Reflects glitter for a while now. I am actually annoyed that it is with this collection as it was already included in a bunch of collections this year already. I do like it however, I am just looking forward to something NEW.

I love the imprinted Hello Kitty on the lipstick! It's going to make me not want to use it much because I don't want to ruin it.

This is Fashion Mews lipstick which is a light lavender pink shade. It's a sheer glaze but it looks GORGEOUS layered over lip erase or concealer. I absolutely love this color and I think I'm gonna run and get a back up!

This is a look I did on my youtube page with Too Dolly palette (www.youtube.com/user/xxsgtigressxx) Subscribe if you haven't!!!

MAC Well Defined Studio Sculpt Foundation!

Can I tell you how in love I am with this duo?? I have found my Holy Grail of foundations and concealers. It does take a bit to get used to though but it is totally worth the trial and error. This is a gel based foundation and concealer. It is a medium buildable to full coverage foundation and concealer. It has a bit of a tacky feel which I wasnt used to with my hyper real, and if you have any oily parts (only my nose is oily) you will want to set with a translucent powder to control the shine. However, this is meant to give a dewey appearance so I wouldnt suggest it to someone who had to use a ton of powder all over. It kind of goes on a bit streaky with a 187 or 190, but I have found a great technique to applying it to make it look absolutely flawless!

Start with some fix +

Give a spritz to a blush brush (116) and dab it into the foundation on your hand or a clean surface

Dab it on to skin and swirl to give an effortless and flawless look! (Downside! Shedding hairs from a brush really get stuck in this tacky foundation, so you'll have to pick them off rather than brush them off.)

Use a fluffle blending brush for concealer to give a more natural look, for more coverage use a synthetic concealer brush.

Here is a comparison between Studio Sculpt concealer in NW15 on the left, and Studio Finish concealer in NC20 on the right. See how much smoother the concealer on the left is?? Also It doesn't appear as cakey and thick. It almost takes on the texture of your skin virtually becoming invisable.

Cremeteam gloss review!

Hey guys! I was originally planning to skip this collection entirely, but once I saw the color Ever so Rich, I fell in love! Here it is:

It's definitely a bit more of a cool pinky lavender in person, verrry pretty. I've been looking for a color like this for a while, so what did I think? Have a look at this gloss on my lips over a bit of lip erase to cancel out my pigmented lips:

I do like it, but I have a problem with the fact that it is so sheer! If I hadn't put on the lip erase first I doubt you would see any color at all. I was hoping that these would be more of a creamy liquid lipstick/gloss than a sheer gloss. Boooo. I also hate doe-foot applicators. Bummer. It feels nice on my lips, but it's nothing special. If you are looking to save some money, skip these lipglosses. I am happy that I have it as it looks pretty over Fashion Mews lipstick, but if I had a choice to repurchase I probably would not.

Make your own Dazzleglass!!!

Here's what you need:
MAC reflects glitter or any other VERY fine glitter, I'm using Reflects Gold.
A colored lipgloss, I'm using Style Minx from the Heatherette collection.
A clear lipgloss, I'm using NYX clear lipgloss *MAC's clear lipglass works well*

Start with a small blob of clear lipgloss. You dont need to be scientific, about the size of a dime is good:

Put a small dab of colored lipgloss next to it (you don't need to measure but you want more clear lipgloss than colored, I used about a 3:1 ratio)

I took a lip brush and took a tiny scoop of the reflects gold glitter. Don't put too much because you don't want the lipgloss to be too gritty. Remember! You can always add more!

TADA! :) Preetttty! For a multi-dimensional look try adding more than one color of glitter!


Stylie-Style lipglosses are a hidden drusgtore treasure!

I am in love with these lipglosses. They compare very well to MAC tinted lipglasses. They are nice and thick, a little sticky but nothing overwhelming, but gorgeous in color! They have a great assortment, and they smell amazing! Like baked goods! They are cheap as well which is awesome. The colors range from sheer to opaque, and I love the ones I got are Flirty Martini and Tango Martini and I love both of them sooo much. Flirty Martini is my favorite, and a slightly brighter dupe for MAC's underage lipglass. Tango Martini is a good dupe for MAC Nymphette lipglass as it is a nice sunned pink with golden shimmer.

Styli- Style Flirty Martini

Styli- Style Tango Martini

Revlon matte lipstick compared to MAC nudes!

This is Revlons matte lipstick. It's new, and its awesome! This one is called nude attitude. I absolutely love it! I like matte and satin lipsticks the best because of the pigment and wear time, and this is greatly pigmented. This is like a light peachy nude with a very sublte pink due chrome if you will. It's a bit darker and warmer than myth, and myth is a bit warmer than fleshpot which has more of a pink undertone to it. Its hard to notice in the pictures below as the lighting is kind of off. But enjoy!

L-R MAC fleshpot, MAC Myth, Revlon Nude Attitude

L-R Revlon Nude Attitude, MAC Myth, MAC Fleshpot

Revlon Nude attitude on pale skin and pigmented lips:

MAC Myth Lipstick on pale skin and pigmented lips:

MAC Fleshpot lipstick on pale skin and pigmented lips:

The Much Anticipated Brow Tutorial!

Probably the most common request I get on my youtube page is a brow tutorial! I decided to make this one with pictures instead of video because when I tried it with a video, my hand was in the way the whole time. This is just much easier! I hope you enjoy!

1. Start with a clean brow, I didn't tweeze before hand but it's always a good idea for the perfect brow.

2. Get an eyebrow pencil, this one by prestige is great and has a little brush on its cap.

3. Make sure you sharpen it! To get a precise shape it needs to be sharp!

4. It should look like this :)

5. Start outlining the shape under the brow, going along your natural arch and keeping it clean and precise.

6. Line the top of the brow as well with a clean, stark line.

7. Fill in the tale, be sure to be very clean with the tale and make sure the angle is correct.

8. It should look something like this right now.

9. Get a brow brush (a stiff angle brush)

10. Dip it in a brow powder similar to your own, mine is a dark blonde powder from Smashbox

11. Fill in the rest of the brow (inside the lines you drew with the pencil) with the powder, the powder allows for a more natural look.

12. Get a brow and lash comb.

13. Brush through your brows to help blend the powder and pencil for a natural look

14. Get a brow wax and highlighter, this duo from Revlon is great!

15. Go over your brows with the wax to help it stay in place all day and adding a subtle sheen

16. Line under your brows with a highlighting stick for clean definition.

17. Take a fluffy brush and dip it into a highlighter, I'm using MAC's Nylon

18. Go over the highligter stick and blend it down your brow bone.

19. It should look like this!

20. Throw on some shadow and liner and head out the door!