Here's some pictures from my halloween!

Here's me as poison Ivy...
Product list:
Pagan e/s
Wondergrass e/s
Coppering e/sCarbon e/s
Red glitter
Nylon e/s
Blacktrack fluidline
Plushlash mascara
Ardell lashes #105
Faux leaves

(Left) Here's my boyfriend, I made him up as a dead JFK
Product list:
Mehron smooth white cream make-up
Aire-de-bleu pigment
Knight Devine e/sCarbon e/s
Electra e/s
Blue cream make-upBlack cream make-up
Latex special effect pieces
Spirit gum
NYX Jumbo pencil in milk
Fab n flashy e/s by mac
Rule e/s by mac
Carbon e/s by mac
Gold glitter from sally beauty
Nylon e/s
Crystal avalanche e/s
Blacktrack fluidline
Bootblack liquid liner
Myth lipstick
underage lipglass


Halloween Beauty to Die For...

LUSH witches ball bubble bar $5.95 www.Lush.com

Bewitch your bath with this awesome little bath melt! Its scent is so envigorating and entirely herbal, so beware if you're not a fan of strong fragrances. LUSH has some of the best products around, as they are natural and not so processed :)

Philosophy The Haunted House $30 www.Sephora.com

Seeing as how I am a big fan of philosophy's bath sets (I am very loyal to the gingerbread house around Christmas) these 3 awesome bath gels in cute haunted house were a no brainer for me! I'm honestly a sucker for cute packaging so I squealed like a 3 year old when I first laid my eyes on this product. Why not give it a try? It's so fun!

Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Line (various prices) Sleekhair.com or Ulta stores

I can't say enough about these products. I heavily highlight my hair to the point where if I didnt take excellent care of it, I would'nt have any. These products not only smell delicious (like a sweet and spicy pumpkin pie) but they leave my hair soft, silky, and shiny.

Bath and Body Works Liplicious Lipgloss in Candied Apple $7 www.bathandbodyworks.com

This lipgloss leaves a nice berry color (not too deep) and shine on your lips, and tastes so nice and sweet! Come on, every girl needs another lipgloss. Plus, it's buy 2 get one free, how can you go wrong??
MAC and Hello Kitty: March 2009!

Thats right everyone! For those like me who drool over mega MAC collections such as Barbie loves MAC and Fafi, this is very exciting news! Don't get me wrong, I'm also excited for Red she Said and the Dame Edna collection, but theres always something so magical about MAC's main collaboration. And ya know what? Even if you're not sure if you'd be into this, they will have an event for Hello Kitty (just like for Fafi and Heatherette) where you can get a free beer or martini and hors d'ouvres just for showing up! Let's cross our fingers for some hott colors that might rival either Barbie loves MAC or Heatherette!


Traincases for everyone <3

Every make-up maven needs a great way to store and transport his or her make-up, but not everyone has the same budget. Here are a couple great traincases for every budget that will keep your make-up organized and protected for travel whether you are going on vacation or off to do a photo shoot!

1. Caboodles Silvertone Pro Cosmetic Case $26.79

This little train case is amazing for its price! This durable, spacious metal cosmetic case features 4 fold-out trays with central
compartment, sturdy metal design, durable handle, lockable case comes with a key. 10Hx11-1/3W"

2. Sephora Metro Train Case- Gunmetal $98

This is another great choice for a train case. It is relatively spacious, good quality, and comes in different colors! As the website says,"It sports snap locks, plus a lock and key to keep your items secure, fully adjustable inner trays,a four tier fold out tray, plus a detachable shoulder strap."

3. Juicy Couture Velour Train Case $125

Ok lovelies, let's be honest. There is not much function here for the true make-up junkie or artist. But this is sooo cute if you can justify the money For those fashionistas looking to store a few lipsticks and eyeshadows, here's the perfect little case for you!

4. ESCA Pro Series 3 Layered train case by Solia $160.00

Now THIS is what I'm talking about. This train case is every make-up artists dream! I know from personal experience that it is tough lugging a bunch of handheld traincases to and from jobs. Not only does this have the room some of us need for our enormous kits, but the rolling suitcase feature it has saves our arms and backs. Three stackable compartments, locks, pull handle, etc. This is a great deal!


After my bi-weekly trip to the MAC store where I back-to-MAC'd 18 empties for three starflash shadows, I still didn't feel like I got my make-up fix for the day. So what did I do? I dragged my poor boyfriend to Sephora. I've always liked Sephora, but I felt un-impressed by it for the past couple of years. I'm not quite sure why, and its not just because I am a MAC addict. I just didn't see the innovation I was looking for. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I was like a kid in a candy store running from display to display this time around. All the brands seemed to be stepping it up with their new collections! Everything felt fresh and of great quality. Even the packaging was so well thought out by the different brands, and I am a SUCKER for cute packaging. Here are a few standouts, some new, and some classic that I definitely recommend you check out!

1.Make-up Forever Eyeshadow
$18 www.sephora.com

These eyeshadows are too DIE for! The pigmentation is absolutely amazing, especially on the bright matte colors. I find that with a lot of matte eyeshadows, you run the risk of looking chalky, but these are almost creamy. I tried the purples (including cult-fave 92), the hot pinks, and some more brights and I could not believe how pigmented they were and how even the finish was! These are super blendable, and a must for any beauty junkie or make-up artist. Too bad they are too big to fit in my MAC pallettes!

2.Stila Backstage Beauty Eyeshadow Pallette: The Red Carpet Look
$40 www.sephora.com

I am not going to lie, I was very skeptical on this trio. I am not sure why, but I have never been the biggest fan of Stila (please don't throw stones.) They just never seemed original to me at all. To be honest, when I glanced at this pallette in Sephora I was still underwhelmed. That is until I swatched it on my hand just to make sure. It was GORGEOUS! The darkened gunmetal shade is buttery smooth and has such a beautiful multi-toned irredecence. I was completely shocked. The other colors although not as much of standouts are still absolutely beautiful. And there you have it, I was actually wrong! Haha!

3. Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow pallette: Beethoven and Ludwig
$34 www.sephora.com

I know I already raved about the travel brush set in all its cuteness, but both of the pallettes are simply amazing! I really didn't think the quality would be there because as much as I love my L.A. Ink and my Kat Von D, I thought of the whole idea as a bit gimmicky (still cool though). I finally decided to check out the eyeshadows for myself and they were surprisingly smooth, easy to blend, and the colors were stunning. Another reason I like these pallettes is that they really are versatile for you can definitely get just as many soft pretty looks as you can dark sexy looks.

4. Napolean Perdis Loose Eye Dust
$5!!! On SALE! www.sephora.com

Get your hands on these! I literally had to ask my boyfriend to remove me from this display. I was ready to pay full price, and then I saw the most glorious thing ever, the SALE sign! These are phenomonal! They are kind of like MAC pigments, and they are just so beautiful I can't stand it. And $5 a pop?Heaven. You can get so many colors for that price! I can't believe these don't sell well, they are definitely underrated. Pick up a few and see what I'm talking about!

5. Hourglass Dusk Color Link Pallette
$75 www.sephora.com

I love the pretty packaging of this pallette, but I also love the product itself! I never really have heard of this brand as I am so loyal to MAC and make-up forever, but it is definitely really great! The standout shade is the black eyeshadow with glitter. Its like their version of MAC's black tied, but DARE I say so much better! I find that with black tied, you can't really get the glitter to show up well. This version looks on your skin the exact way it looks in its pan! I really can't rave enough!

6.NARS The Multiple: Orgasm
$37 www.sephora.com

So, I know, it's not like this is a new product that I am introducing or anything, but it really is an excellent addition to your make-up bag! This is so multi-purpose that it's worth the the price tag. It gave my fair-medium toned skin such a beautiful glowy flush that I instantly felt prettier. I would definitely use this as a cream eye-shadow as well because the color is so gorgeous! NARs really does never get it wrong...

7. Urban DecayLipstick
$22 www.sephora.com

The packaging on this lipstick is so hot that I pretty much wanted it even if I didn't like the colors. It has a little sword on the end stuck into it! SO CUTE. I'd probably break mine, but whatever. I took a look at the colors, and they are all very pretty! The only drawback is that most of them are sheer. Some people like sheer lipstick, but I prefer one with a satin finish. Oh well! I still found about 3 colors that were just so pretty (even though they were sheer) that I would make them work for me! So definitely check these out!


Here's a video I did for summer beauty! I hope you all like it =)


Enjoy this coupon from Stila for free shipping on the chocolate palette set !

Fashion Update: Fringe, Fringe, EVERYWHERE!

It could be that I'm channeling my inner Pocahontas, but this upcoming seasons fringe elements are surprisingly cute! However, I would suggest some restraint. Wear only ONE fringe piece at a time otherwise you might look completely ridiculous. One way to make sure you don't look like you're trying too hard is to keep the fringe to your accessories. Try this hot Bebe Kenya Fringe handbag for about 140 bucks! (www.Bebe.com) Its in a classic shape, but it's so fresh at the same time. More of a shoe girl? No prob. These sexy open toe "Bijoux fringe heels" by Steve Madden (www.Stevemadden.com). I tried these on at Bloomingdales and it was love. They also are pretty comfortable for a heel, so definitely take a look!


Upcoming Fall 2008 Beauty Trends

This fall, we're going to see two opposite ends of the spectrum. Hollywood glam is totally in, so don't be afraid to rock your inner diva! Some essentials for this look: Sculpted brows, (not too thin!) , pale shimmery eyes with sharp liq
uid liner, and matte red lipstick! Pure drama straight from the runway. Another hot look for the fall definitely calls my name as I rock this look 24/7: Bold smokey eyes and nude lips! Greytones are especially hot, but don't be afraid to make the look your own! Chocolate shadows will look just as beautiful. Just remember, you need flawless skin to really pull off a dramatic eye. Light contouring of the cheeks are also in, and remember above all to BLEND BLEND BLEND!

This brush set is completely drool-worthy! Not only do I have a weird girl-crush on Kat Von D, but I love how she added her own personal touch to the handles and packaging (she drew the graphics herself)! Now don't get me wrong, I love my MAC brushes, but I have already ordered this set to throw in my purse for touch ups. Check out the palettes too, they are just gorgeous! You can get Kat Von D's new line by going to www.sephora.com. Can't wait till mine get here!!


Skin looking less than flawless? Or are you just bored? What better time is there to have a facial night!? Here are my picks for a relaxing and effective facial certain to get your fabulous face in tip top condition.

1. Start by softening your skin by draping a warm (don't burn yourself! test the temperature!) washclothe over your face for a few minutes. This will help to open your pores so that you will get better results.

2. Cleanse your face using a gentle oil free cleanser such as Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. It is definitely important that you use something that is not going to irritate your skin, especially when using it along with a bunch of other products. Plus, cetaphil is an excellent make-up remover and will never dry your skin out!

3. Grab an exfoliater (be careful if you have a sunburn!) such as MAC's Volcanic Ash Exfoliater. This will help remove the build up of dead skin that often causes blemishes and dull complexions.

4.Apply mask of your choice, I suggest Elemis' Herbal Lavender Repair Mask for those needing a boost in their complexion or clearer skin. For those struggling with dry skin, try Chanels Destress hyrdrating Gel mask. Both are absolutely amazing. Keep your mask on for about 15 minutes.

5. Remove mask with a warm, wet towel. When skin has dried, use an alchohol free toner on your skin such as Neutrogena Alcohol free toner.

6. Remember to use an oil-free moisturizer! Even if you have oily skin moisturizing is an essential step. You actually produce MORE oil if you do not moisturize your skin. Try Cliniques Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, its a great lighter alternative to their lotion for the summer!


Upcoming Collection: MAC Electroflash

I don't know about you guys, but I am TOTALLY excited for this collection coming out sometime this month! The mineralized eyeshadow duos are absolutely to die for! These will probably run you about $16.50 each which means they are a little more expensive than MAC's regular eyeshadows, but you are getting two coordinating colors with a great shimmery finish. Too bad these are limited edition! Definitely get your hands on these as I predict they will be all the rage this summer!
Welcome to my first ever beauty blog post! I thought I'd start by discussing 5 beauty products I think that you NEED and why... so lets get started!

1. Chi Wet to Dry Ceramic Flat Iron.

This is by far the holy grail of all hair styling appliances. Why you ask? It takes your hair from damp and stringy to shiny and silky in one step! I admit, I was very skeptical of the wonderful reviews I was reading about this product. Fortunately for me I ignored my initial gut reaction and tried it. I can honestly say I am in love. Anything that takes away the tiring chore of blow-drying my naturally wavy hair gets an A in my book. Yes, you may have to go over a section more than once, and it is possible to burn yourself with the steam vents. But with practice comes perfection! My hair turned out glossy and straight without any limpness. Definitely worth every penny!

2. Philosophy Senorita Margarita Hot Salt Scrub
Looking for the answer to smooth glowing skin? This product will put you on the right path! This hot salt scrub has just the right texture to ensure that you are able to quickly and easily slough away any dead or rough skin. The scent is refreshing and definitely great for your morning routine. I never really noticed any warming effect, but it is definitely invigorating and effective. Use to get soft skin, to prepare for a flawless sunless tanner, or just to kick off your morning!
3. Nicole by OPI "Nic's Sticks"
Quite possibly the most clever and convenient idea in nail care history. Think of it as a white-out pen for your nails! I own about three of these bad boys and I absolutely love them! They come in about 36 popular shades that look fabulous and glossy applied to your nails. I toss these in my bag just in case I'm in need of a quick fix for my chipped polish. Another plus is that you'll never strain to get the cap off for these never get stuck due to dried nail polish.

4. Sephora Brand Eybrow trimmer/brush

Some lucky gals are born with what seems like naturally groomed brows. For most of us, we need a little more than some brow gel to do the job. This eyebrow trimmer takes any of the panic out of trimming unruly eyebrow hairs! Forget about accidentally cutting bare spots with this wonderful tool. The brow comb acts almost as a safety guard from trimming too much! It's absolutely fool proof, and this along with a great tweezerman tweezer will keep your brows (which in my opinion makes or breaks a face) pristine and pretty!

5. Wet n' Wild Jumbo Juicy Lip Balm

I know I know, Wet n' Wild was the make-up you used when you were twelve and you have definitely graduated to bigger and better things. Hear me out. These lip balms are amazing! First, they are huge! You definitely get a lot of product for little money. These suckers also taste absolutely delicious, so don't tell me I didn't warn you when you notice yourself licking it off as soon as you put it on. These incredibly moisturizing balms are definitely worth way more than the mere 2 dollars and change you will be shelling out at your local drugstore. One draw back? No SPF, so if you're on your way to the beach, pack another lip balm with sun protection.