Welcome to my first ever beauty blog post! I thought I'd start by discussing 5 beauty products I think that you NEED and why... so lets get started!

1. Chi Wet to Dry Ceramic Flat Iron.

This is by far the holy grail of all hair styling appliances. Why you ask? It takes your hair from damp and stringy to shiny and silky in one step! I admit, I was very skeptical of the wonderful reviews I was reading about this product. Fortunately for me I ignored my initial gut reaction and tried it. I can honestly say I am in love. Anything that takes away the tiring chore of blow-drying my naturally wavy hair gets an A in my book. Yes, you may have to go over a section more than once, and it is possible to burn yourself with the steam vents. But with practice comes perfection! My hair turned out glossy and straight without any limpness. Definitely worth every penny!

2. Philosophy Senorita Margarita Hot Salt Scrub
Looking for the answer to smooth glowing skin? This product will put you on the right path! This hot salt scrub has just the right texture to ensure that you are able to quickly and easily slough away any dead or rough skin. The scent is refreshing and definitely great for your morning routine. I never really noticed any warming effect, but it is definitely invigorating and effective. Use to get soft skin, to prepare for a flawless sunless tanner, or just to kick off your morning!
3. Nicole by OPI "Nic's Sticks"
Quite possibly the most clever and convenient idea in nail care history. Think of it as a white-out pen for your nails! I own about three of these bad boys and I absolutely love them! They come in about 36 popular shades that look fabulous and glossy applied to your nails. I toss these in my bag just in case I'm in need of a quick fix for my chipped polish. Another plus is that you'll never strain to get the cap off for these never get stuck due to dried nail polish.

4. Sephora Brand Eybrow trimmer/brush

Some lucky gals are born with what seems like naturally groomed brows. For most of us, we need a little more than some brow gel to do the job. This eyebrow trimmer takes any of the panic out of trimming unruly eyebrow hairs! Forget about accidentally cutting bare spots with this wonderful tool. The brow comb acts almost as a safety guard from trimming too much! It's absolutely fool proof, and this along with a great tweezerman tweezer will keep your brows (which in my opinion makes or breaks a face) pristine and pretty!

5. Wet n' Wild Jumbo Juicy Lip Balm

I know I know, Wet n' Wild was the make-up you used when you were twelve and you have definitely graduated to bigger and better things. Hear me out. These lip balms are amazing! First, they are huge! You definitely get a lot of product for little money. These suckers also taste absolutely delicious, so don't tell me I didn't warn you when you notice yourself licking it off as soon as you put it on. These incredibly moisturizing balms are definitely worth way more than the mere 2 dollars and change you will be shelling out at your local drugstore. One draw back? No SPF, so if you're on your way to the beach, pack another lip balm with sun protection.