L'Oreal HIP MAC pigment dupes!

For those of you looking for drugstore dupes to popular MAC pigments, look no further than the L'Oreal HIP pigments. I found it very easy to find alternatives to my favorite MAC pigments which was a huuuge plus. However, I definitely prefer the texture of MAC pigments. I find the HIP pigments to be on the chunky side. Also, I bought the HIP pigments at about $10-11. Thats cheaper than the almost $20 price tag that MAC is asking for, however MAC gives you a ton more product! So it's almost like you are paying the same price if you go by the amount given. Now if you waitied for a buy one get one sale? You're a lot smarter than me! :)

L'Oreal HIP MAC pigment dupes!


Battle of the drugstore Mascaras!

L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black mascara

Rating: 5/5 stars

I really love this mascara. At first I was a little disappointed because there was so much hype built up about this product, but now I really think it is a top performer! My only major complaint is that I wish it volumized a little bit more. However, the lengthening is insane! It also holds a curl pretty well, and WON'T budge or flake. The color is a nice deep black which is nice too. The brush might take a little getting used to as its like a flexible rubbery brush. Its sometimes a bit difficult to get back into the tube because it's bending all over the place. I really like how this mascara seems to open up my eyes though, and I think you will like it too (as long as you don't build it up with unreasonable expectations!)

Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara

Rating: 1/5 stars

This is definitely my LEAST favorite out of the mascaras I have tried. I love thick, lush lashes, so I was totally excited for this product. What a disappointment!!! OK so it does volumize, but it also clumps together all your lashes and just looks like a heavy build up of product. It also smudged on me and flaked! YUCK. I hate this mascara.

L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara

Rating 4/5 stars

I know the picture doesn't look very impressive (for some reason I couldn't get a good shot), but this mascara is great! I wish it photographed better for me. This mascara volumizes really nicely but doesnt get "tarantula-like". Its one of my all time favorites, actually. It also is kind of a soft formula, so your eyelashes aren't rock hard. Definitely try this one!

L'Oreal Beauty Tubes Mascara

Rating 3.5/5

I know this picture looks great, but I'm not the biggest fan of this mascara. I like it, but I feel like you have to put in too much effort to put this on. I put the primer on, and then had to work hard to get the black mascara to cover my primered-white lashes. I wouldn't say it did anything extraordinary to my lashes. It's a pretty good mascara, but I have never been a fan of lash primers anyway.


Beauty From the Earth Swatches!

Love, love, LOVE these multipurpose minerals! Absolutely gorgeous. If you haven't already and are curious, check out my review of this product on my youtube channel! Here are the colors I have swatched on my arm with a bit of UDPP. PS some of the colors just arent being represented fairly and are much more beautiful in person. My favorites? Peacock, Green Apple, Blueberry, Seduction, and Lemon.

Sonia Kashuk Coral Reef Brushes are soooo CUTE!

I was at Target waiting for my friend to pick out what type of deodorant she wanted for about 10 minutes when I decided to browse the cosmetics aisles and I came across this AWESOME brush set from Sonia Kashuk! It was way too cute (AND CHEAP! I got it for around $12) to pass up!
Check out the little brush pouch with its coral print to keep your brushes nice and clean in your bag!

The set comes with a powder brush, a large shader brush, a taklon brush for either concealer or cream products, a crease brush, a smudger brush and an angle brush. Basically this brush set focuses more on the eyes than the face, but hey! Thats OK. All the brushes work really well, and I really like the crease brush specifically. The brushes are nice and soft, my only gripe is that I wish the angle brush was more precise as I feel like it wouldn't work very well for liquid or gel liner.

My favorite feature about these brushes is its coral texture! I love it, it is sooo cute! Heres a close up, and you can see how the end of the handle is made too resemble coral!

This kabuki brush is actually sold seperately and I believe on its own it was between $10-$12. I wish it was a bit more dense for more effective buffing, but it works great as a general powder brush. It is really comfortable to hold and fits in the bag with the other six brushes.

The verdict?
4/5 stars

I would definitely recommend to pick up these brushes. They work really well and are so uniquely cute. Like I said, the angle brush could have been better and the Kabuki could have been denser. All in all its a relatively cheap investment that yields great results. Your only problem might be finding this as I grabbed the last set at my Target!

My new lipstick love!

I am currently LOVING Bubbles lipstick from the Sugarsweet collection. When I first swiped it, and when I put it on my lips alone (see pic below) I was a bit worried that it was way too frosty. But then I started playing around with it and I learned that it looks AWESOME layered over other lipsticks. I will post a pic later but my current fave combo is myth lipstick + Angel lipstick + Bubbles. The perfect light bright pink if that makes any sense!


Review on popular Urban Decay products

There are lots and lots of Urban Decay products. Some are awesome, and some SUCK. For example, Urban Decay Primer Potion is AWESOME. Midnight Cowboy eyeshadow sucks with it's chunky glitter and major fall out. Here are some more products for review!

Urban Decay liquid liner:
I give these 3.5 stars out of 5. Their pigmentation is awesome! And I love how it will not budge once it sets. However, the built in brush sucks. It is not stiff enough and very thin, so unless you have the steadiest hand in the world, it takes FOREVER to get a smooth, precise line. That being said, if you use a different brush like I do, you will really enjoy this product. It is especially great for concealing the lash band on falsies.

Urban Decay 24/7 pencils:
I give these 5 out of 5 stars! They go on buttery smooth with EXCELLENT pigmentation, and I did a little experiment with them to see how long they would last on the back of my hand and it stayed on forever, even after my shower! I had to remove it with an oil based remover. I definitely recommend these, especially if you are going to the beach or in the pool.

Urban Decay Cream Shadow:
I give these 4 out of 5 stars becauseI really liked them, and they stayed on wonderfully and looked beautiful, but some of the colors went on chunky. I absolutely loved Weeds and Whipped (not pictured) but I didn't like Moonshine. It's kind of hit or miss, so make sure you swatch them before you buy them! They do look AWESOME under shadows though, so make sure to try them as a base as well.

My Vanity/How I store my makeup

Hey guys! These are a bunch of pictures of my vanity where I have been doing my tutorials. You can see how I store most of my makeup, I do have more in my "kit" which is basically my traincase that I store all the makeup I use for jobs. Also I have made an addition that is not pictured but I will get around to showing you, my "lippie bar" which is filled with all my lipsticks, glosses, liners, etc. and it is REALLY cute. Enjoy!

This is my vanity, I got the furniture part from IKEA, and the mirror at Big Lots haha

These are some of my perfumes, some of them are missing their nozzles. Booo. I have more but those are in my bathroom :)

These are some of my facial brushes from Crown brush, I put them in a container I got from an art supply store that holds artists brushes, and I taped MAC promo pics all over it haha.

These are my eye brushes from Crown brush in my Pursebuzz (I love her) inspired Brush holder. It's made out of a terrarium so it has a lid to keep dust off! And that picture is of me and my boyfriend Jon at a Mets game <3

These are my MAC brushes, I have 4 glass holders for them but you can't really tell which ones I have from this angle. They are organized from face brushes and kabukis on the left to eyebrushes on the right.

These are just two glass pretty containers (they have etched designs in them but you can't really tell) that I put my ESSENTIAL q-tips and cotton rounds in. I don't know what I would do without them.

This is a look of the whole thing from the side...

This drawer holds my tape, lots of fake lashes, sharpener, misc. lip items and liners, lipsticks, ang glosses...

This section holds all my palettes...theres a lot of them... my MSF's, my little white basket of everyday essentials including smashbox primer, UDPP, blacktrack fluidline, brow pencil, etc. and my nars bronzer and blush and mascaras and liners are here too.

These are where my pigments live, all the jars on the left and center are full sized jars but I put them into clear containers so I can see the color from the top, and so I can back to MAC the jars for new eyeshadows! (smart!!) The little white basket has pigment samples (there's a ton of them) and the pink basket (its actually a pencil/pen organizer) holds all my MAC mineralized eyeshadows. My hello kitty palettes are also located here as I have not depotted them...yet :)

Lastly, this drawer has a plastic bead organizer in it that I have a bunch of full sized pigments in, BUT I don't recommend it because I have dropped it quite a few times and they get mixed and spilled. :( Also in this drawer are brush rolls, and my brush belt which is not pictured here.


Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box Review

I am not going to lie, I was quite disappointed with this palette. I had given up on Urban decay shadows years ago, and now I remember why. Midnight Cowboy Rides Again is a pretty neutral color, but the CHUNKY glitter fallout is terrible. It does better on a good eye base but in my opinion this is way too difficult to control and work with. UZI is another terrible shadow, its chunky and weird and never goes on smooth. It also has the glitter problem and I cannot stand it. YDK isn't as bad as the other two, but I still do not like it. Pretty much all the other shadows go on very nicely and smooth however. It's a shame that all Urban Decays shadows don't have their texture (Half Baked is my FAVORITE) but I found that some of their "brights" were not as pigmented and bright as I would like! But thats just my opinion. I like the packaging, its really cute. I love the little brush they give you and of course the small size of primer potion is a HUGE plus for those dying to try it :)

Overall rating: 2 and 1/2 stars out of 5

This is what the outside looks like, its wood and it swings open:

I love how they give you a bunch to try and I especially love the brush:

Swatches on my arm... I WORKED to get Uzi and Midnight Cowboy rides Again to show up so don't be fooled!!!

What's In My Purse?

Here's my bag! It's a Juicy Couture bag, and I love it because it really isn't a purse it's more like a duffel bag with how huge it is! It's great for going to the movies so I can be cheap and stuff me and my boyfriends own candy and sodas into it (Sorry, I'm not paying $16 for two small bags of candy and 2 medium drinks haha).

This is what a typically bring around every single day: My MAC makeup bag, Chanel sunglasses, my keys, my camera because I loooooove to take pictures wherever I am, my cell phone (I actually HATE cell phones, I find them to be annoying because a lot of times I don't want to be found) Heavy Duty Hand cream because my hands are really dry, but it is a bit of a strong orange creamsicle scent, my IPod for all my kickin' tunes, and my beautiful coach wallet that is actually wet in this picture (I just cleaned it, and you can see the leather is wet around the edges)

These are the contents of my makeup bag including the bath and body works Japanese cherry blossom antibacterial gel, a travel sized mascara I got as a sample, MAC eyepencil in ebony, MAC dazzleglass in Baby sparks, Nars Orgasm blush, Too Faced Candy bar browns eye palette, victoria's secret apple body lotion, concealer, a nail clipper, a little box with a hair tie and bobby pins, a sample of Thierry Muglers Angel perfume (because I don't like to carry bottles), and a L'ancome travel brush set I got for $10 at an outlet store! I like to carry some of my least used products around just for emergencies (for example: Oh no! Is that my ex in the 7/11?? better pull out my mascara and lipgloss and concealer!) but not carry around any essentials in case I lose them. :) Or maybe I'm just high maintenance!

NYX Glitter palette review

I thought this was really cute when I was browsing at the drugstore with my boyfriend and it was soooo cheap I just had to have it. Unfortunately, If I were you, I would stay away. This palette sucks in my opinion! The glitter hardly shows up, and when it does it's a blobby mess with uneven patches no matter what you do. If you already have it, use it I suppose as a base for loose glitter to stick to. Otherwise, AVOID as it is a rare NYX miss.

Overall rating: 1 out of 5 Stars


These are lashes I got off of Ebay. I found them after watching one of Misscheivous' (is that how you spell it??? I don't know... sigh...I love her though...) videos. She got ebay lashes from seller Glamlabel and I checked it out one night when I was bored. I ended up buying two boxes of twenty lashes (yay!!!) in different looks (one a natural, wispy, criss cross pattern, and one a full dramatic lash) for about $17 altogether including shipping from Hong Kong. I actually paid in British pounds (So if it says $1.17 GBP, pleeeease know that you are paying in pounds!) Anywhoooo these are AWESOME! I love them! And I love not having to run out and buy a pair of lashes because I don't have anymore, these should last me a while! Just search for Glamlabel and go through her items for sale and you'll see both these types of lashes! And just so you know, some may be timid buying something they put on their eyes from China, and while I can't certify that these are 100% safe as I don't know how they are produced, most (if not all) false lashes are made in asian countries such as China, even MAC! :)

This is how the full, dramatic lash looks like:
Check Spelling


Hello Kitty collection!!

I love the packaging on everything, sooo cute.
This picture sucks, but whatever :)

The case is sleek and pretty, and from first
glance these colors are kind of... bland. But I started playing with them and they really are awesome!

They are nice and bright as you can tell from the swatches. The pale gold is a bit blah on me but I am also extremely pale.

This is my favorite palette! Just look at it! So pretty.

The swatches are awesome. My favorite colors in it are Too Dolly and Romping, but I also love Stately Black if its packed on, and yogurt is a great staple to have in your collection! It gets a lot of flack for being chalky, but mattes just dont seem to be impressive next to a really shimmery color.

I have had Very Pink Reflects glitter for a while now. I am actually annoyed that it is with this collection as it was already included in a bunch of collections this year already. I do like it however, I am just looking forward to something NEW.

I love the imprinted Hello Kitty on the lipstick! It's going to make me not want to use it much because I don't want to ruin it.

This is Fashion Mews lipstick which is a light lavender pink shade. It's a sheer glaze but it looks GORGEOUS layered over lip erase or concealer. I absolutely love this color and I think I'm gonna run and get a back up!

This is a look I did on my youtube page with Too Dolly palette (www.youtube.com/user/xxsgtigressxx) Subscribe if you haven't!!!

MAC Well Defined Studio Sculpt Foundation!

Can I tell you how in love I am with this duo?? I have found my Holy Grail of foundations and concealers. It does take a bit to get used to though but it is totally worth the trial and error. This is a gel based foundation and concealer. It is a medium buildable to full coverage foundation and concealer. It has a bit of a tacky feel which I wasnt used to with my hyper real, and if you have any oily parts (only my nose is oily) you will want to set with a translucent powder to control the shine. However, this is meant to give a dewey appearance so I wouldnt suggest it to someone who had to use a ton of powder all over. It kind of goes on a bit streaky with a 187 or 190, but I have found a great technique to applying it to make it look absolutely flawless!

Start with some fix +

Give a spritz to a blush brush (116) and dab it into the foundation on your hand or a clean surface

Dab it on to skin and swirl to give an effortless and flawless look! (Downside! Shedding hairs from a brush really get stuck in this tacky foundation, so you'll have to pick them off rather than brush them off.)

Use a fluffle blending brush for concealer to give a more natural look, for more coverage use a synthetic concealer brush.

Here is a comparison between Studio Sculpt concealer in NW15 on the left, and Studio Finish concealer in NC20 on the right. See how much smoother the concealer on the left is?? Also It doesn't appear as cakey and thick. It almost takes on the texture of your skin virtually becoming invisable.