Hello Kitty collection!!

I love the packaging on everything, sooo cute.
This picture sucks, but whatever :)

The case is sleek and pretty, and from first
glance these colors are kind of... bland. But I started playing with them and they really are awesome!

They are nice and bright as you can tell from the swatches. The pale gold is a bit blah on me but I am also extremely pale.

This is my favorite palette! Just look at it! So pretty.

The swatches are awesome. My favorite colors in it are Too Dolly and Romping, but I also love Stately Black if its packed on, and yogurt is a great staple to have in your collection! It gets a lot of flack for being chalky, but mattes just dont seem to be impressive next to a really shimmery color.

I have had Very Pink Reflects glitter for a while now. I am actually annoyed that it is with this collection as it was already included in a bunch of collections this year already. I do like it however, I am just looking forward to something NEW.

I love the imprinted Hello Kitty on the lipstick! It's going to make me not want to use it much because I don't want to ruin it.

This is Fashion Mews lipstick which is a light lavender pink shade. It's a sheer glaze but it looks GORGEOUS layered over lip erase or concealer. I absolutely love this color and I think I'm gonna run and get a back up!

This is a look I did on my youtube page with Too Dolly palette (www.youtube.com/user/xxsgtigressxx) Subscribe if you haven't!!!


MandaxLeslie said...

i love this look !! the lip color looks so nice on you

Katrina is a Princess said...

Beautiful!!! Your eyes look great and your lippie color is perfect!! What color is that...it doesnt look like Fashion Mews. Its gorgeous!!