Make your own Dazzleglass!!!

Here's what you need:
MAC reflects glitter or any other VERY fine glitter, I'm using Reflects Gold.
A colored lipgloss, I'm using Style Minx from the Heatherette collection.
A clear lipgloss, I'm using NYX clear lipgloss *MAC's clear lipglass works well*

Start with a small blob of clear lipgloss. You dont need to be scientific, about the size of a dime is good:

Put a small dab of colored lipgloss next to it (you don't need to measure but you want more clear lipgloss than colored, I used about a 3:1 ratio)

I took a lip brush and took a tiny scoop of the reflects gold glitter. Don't put too much because you don't want the lipgloss to be too gritty. Remember! You can always add more!

TADA! :) Preetttty! For a multi-dimensional look try adding more than one color of glitter!


AKA Mylilfe said...

that's a good idea!!

Julieann said...

GORGEOUS! I can't wait to try this one!! Great job. I have been wanting to ask...Where on earth do you get all of the knowledge with mac and makeup? I read somewhere on your sites that you don't work for Mac and you don't get paid by them but you own almost everything...lucky girl and you know everything...so give up your secret to me chica LOL