I finally got around to buying Urban Decay Primer Potion which I'm sure as we all know has reached cult status. Everyone seems to love it! I on the other hand I have been using L'Oreal Decrease which I felt would be comparable to UDPP.

UDPP Pros:
  • It does REALLY intensify eyeshadow color
  • It is easy to use
  • A little goes a long way
  • It is a neutral color so you can use any shadow over it.
  • Makes eyeshadow look and feel fresh all day long

UDPP Cons:
  • Price. $17 for something that goes UNDER your shadow??
  • In my opinion, it can be a bit tacky which may lead to blending problems at first
  • Packaging is oh so cute but its impossible to get all the primer out without eventually chopping it up.

L'Oreal Decrease Pros:
  • Intensifies eyeshadow
  • Helps it look and feel fresh all day
  • neutral color
  • CHEAP! AT 4.99, sometimes less with coupons this is a STEAL.
  • Readily available
  • Blending is a breeze with this product
L'Oreal Decrease Cons:
  • It is kind of small
  • It doesnt intensify shadows as much as UDPP, but only by a small margin.

These are swatches of Bright Fuchsia pigment on my hand. The top left is UDPP, the top right is L'Oreal Decrease, and the bottom is no primer at all. As you can see, primer makes all the difference! When I swatched these, the UDPP swatch was a bit brighter than the L'oreal swatch, but I like the dry formula of Decrease on the right which makes blending effortless. The bottom swatch with no primer looks pretty good in the picture but in actuality it was flaking off pretty badly :)

In my opinion, L'Oreal Decrease is the winner! I prefer its formula over UDPP, and its cheaper and readily available! But that doesnt mean I'll stop using my UDPP. It all depends on the mood I am in. What do you think??



I have them both and I feel the SAME way you do, I do like the L'OREAL one more, cause well for me it's just cheaper. And for my eyelids which are oily both are great. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes the L'OREAL one just as much!

Mona Lisa said...

At first I thought this blogspot business was a bit much. Only because every GURU from youtube was like products listed (no longer in the sidebar but on my blog and the address is listed)but I am loving it. I have even started one.I notice the picture quality on Myspace and Blogspot seems to be alot clearer. I am a youtube subscriber of yours so I have been wanting to buy decrease to wear under my Hip products and UDPP or Too Faced Shadow insurance but haven't because of the price and I usually use Mac Prep and Prime or True Colors base which is my personal favorite. The pictures you took were so crystal clear and it was a good idea to use both and then no primer because once I saw how vibrant UDPP was to me it is worth the money. I am so buying it tommorrow. Being of color I have to buy bases like that to really make my colors pop.But I will also be purchasing the Decrease just because of the price this was a very helpful review. Was the bright Fuschia you used by Mac? Because I only use Prep and prime under my Mac pigments or mixing medium for fear of creasing. I am curious if other bases work well under MAC pigments.

Consuela said...

You've just sold the UDPP to me. I thought it was a load of cr*p but having seen the result now (up close for once) I'm loving the sheen the shadow gets. The L'Oreal is defenitely good too but sine I use quite a cheap pallet I guess I can splurge on the primer.

Julieann said...

I think I will purchase both and choose which to use depending on how much blending I want to do that day. FABULOUS UP CLOSE TUTORIAL!