The Much Anticipated Brow Tutorial!

Probably the most common request I get on my youtube page is a brow tutorial! I decided to make this one with pictures instead of video because when I tried it with a video, my hand was in the way the whole time. This is just much easier! I hope you enjoy!

1. Start with a clean brow, I didn't tweeze before hand but it's always a good idea for the perfect brow.

2. Get an eyebrow pencil, this one by prestige is great and has a little brush on its cap.

3. Make sure you sharpen it! To get a precise shape it needs to be sharp!

4. It should look like this :)

5. Start outlining the shape under the brow, going along your natural arch and keeping it clean and precise.

6. Line the top of the brow as well with a clean, stark line.

7. Fill in the tale, be sure to be very clean with the tale and make sure the angle is correct.

8. It should look something like this right now.

9. Get a brow brush (a stiff angle brush)

10. Dip it in a brow powder similar to your own, mine is a dark blonde powder from Smashbox

11. Fill in the rest of the brow (inside the lines you drew with the pencil) with the powder, the powder allows for a more natural look.

12. Get a brow and lash comb.

13. Brush through your brows to help blend the powder and pencil for a natural look

14. Get a brow wax and highlighter, this duo from Revlon is great!

15. Go over your brows with the wax to help it stay in place all day and adding a subtle sheen

16. Line under your brows with a highlighting stick for clean definition.

17. Take a fluffy brush and dip it into a highlighter, I'm using MAC's Nylon

18. Go over the highligter stick and blend it down your brow bone.

19. It should look like this!

20. Throw on some shadow and liner and head out the door!


Jaime said...

I'm a huge fan of your tutorials and love your looks! Thanks for sharing this as well, your brows are AMAZING! ;)

Anonymous said...

love your tutorials! thank you!

happy1234 said...

WOW that tutorial was amazing - thankyou so much for showing us it!! Im going to get that prestige pencil now and the Revlon one. thankyou soo much. I really like step by step tutorials.