Revlon Colorstay, Worth the Hype??

I have heard so many rave reviews about this product from just about everyone. I'm running low on my MAC NC 200 Hyperreal foundation, and since Im waiting a few extra days to purchase Studio Sculpt foundation (out on MAC counters the 7th) I decided to pick it up for around $9 ($6 with my $3 off coupon) at Harmons Beauty. I had been having problems with my Hyperreal foundation because it was accentuating my dry areas and fine lines. Yuck. So I rushed home to give this a try.

I. Am. In. Love.

I have never been so impressed with a foundation. It was light, yet covered flawlessly. It dried to a semi-matte finish but not too matte...it was dewey enough to still look like fresh clean skin. The color match was perfect, better than any other department store makeup I have bought, and that was pure luck. The smell is a little...different. It's not bad but...I can't describe it. Here are two pictures I took of my cheek, a before and after. The color looks completely different but its just the lighting differences. As you can see I have a problem with redness to my skin. My skin is pretty clear, I have a bit of a breakout right now on my chin because I decided not to continue buying proactiv as I think it was aging my skin, but nothing serious. As you can see, the coverage is beautiful and I dont have that "mask-like quality". It also stayed beautiful all day, I only had to touch up a bit of concealer here and there that night before going out. I will definitely buy again for sure! Let's see how studiosculpt compares in about a week, you can read about it right here! :)


AKA Mylilfe said...

I am always afraid to purchase drug store brand foundation because you can't try it on, and might get the wrong color. How do you pick out color and get it right?

Anonymous said...

I found the colorstay stuff is okay but it's not my favourite. I like a lot of what they have to offer except the nail polish.