These are lashes I got off of Ebay. I found them after watching one of Misscheivous' (is that how you spell it??? I don't know... sigh...I love her though...) videos. She got ebay lashes from seller Glamlabel and I checked it out one night when I was bored. I ended up buying two boxes of twenty lashes (yay!!!) in different looks (one a natural, wispy, criss cross pattern, and one a full dramatic lash) for about $17 altogether including shipping from Hong Kong. I actually paid in British pounds (So if it says $1.17 GBP, pleeeease know that you are paying in pounds!) Anywhoooo these are AWESOME! I love them! And I love not having to run out and buy a pair of lashes because I don't have anymore, these should last me a while! Just search for Glamlabel and go through her items for sale and you'll see both these types of lashes! And just so you know, some may be timid buying something they put on their eyes from China, and while I can't certify that these are 100% safe as I don't know how they are produced, most (if not all) false lashes are made in asian countries such as China, even MAC! :)

This is how the full, dramatic lash looks like:
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Michelle y Magda said...

I love it!!!!! Can you do yours first tutorials again? because the sound is a little bad!! xoxo

From Beauty and Care Island said...

Love all your looks! So hot!

the fauxes so soo cute :)

Julieann said...

How many times can you wear each pair of false lashes? And have you ever thought of selling on your site? I don't know why more of you makeup girls don't??? I would definately be buying products left and right to mimic my fav looks and I am sure others would to!

Adore ya,

Blackwidow said...

I just found an amazing place for lashes and even though I am in Canada, the price is still great. My favourite lashes of all time are Ardell and they have become really difficult to find now. Shoppers here in Canada used to carry them but they stopped :(


I haven't received my Ardells yet (just ordered then along with some Andrea), but the selection and prices are great.