Cremeteam gloss review!

Hey guys! I was originally planning to skip this collection entirely, but once I saw the color Ever so Rich, I fell in love! Here it is:

It's definitely a bit more of a cool pinky lavender in person, verrry pretty. I've been looking for a color like this for a while, so what did I think? Have a look at this gloss on my lips over a bit of lip erase to cancel out my pigmented lips:

I do like it, but I have a problem with the fact that it is so sheer! If I hadn't put on the lip erase first I doubt you would see any color at all. I was hoping that these would be more of a creamy liquid lipstick/gloss than a sheer gloss. Boooo. I also hate doe-foot applicators. Bummer. It feels nice on my lips, but it's nothing special. If you are looking to save some money, skip these lipglosses. I am happy that I have it as it looks pretty over Fashion Mews lipstick, but if I had a choice to repurchase I probably would not.


macface2adore said...

OMG...I hate these glosses. They are far too sheer and I am lucky if they last on my lips for five minutes. I gave one away and am returning the Looks Like Sin, because it truly Looks Like Sin.


Katrina is a Princess said...

I totally agree. The Partial to Pink one is pretty pigmented...im glad I picked it up along with ever so rich.