Fashion Update: Fringe, Fringe, EVERYWHERE!

It could be that I'm channeling my inner Pocahontas, but this upcoming seasons fringe elements are surprisingly cute! However, I would suggest some restraint. Wear only ONE fringe piece at a time otherwise you might look completely ridiculous. One way to make sure you don't look like you're trying too hard is to keep the fringe to your accessories. Try this hot Bebe Kenya Fringe handbag for about 140 bucks! (www.Bebe.com) Its in a classic shape, but it's so fresh at the same time. More of a shoe girl? No prob. These sexy open toe "Bijoux fringe heels" by Steve Madden (www.Stevemadden.com). I tried these on at Bloomingdales and it was love. They also are pretty comfortable for a heel, so definitely take a look!

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