What's In My Purse?

Here's my bag! It's a Juicy Couture bag, and I love it because it really isn't a purse it's more like a duffel bag with how huge it is! It's great for going to the movies so I can be cheap and stuff me and my boyfriends own candy and sodas into it (Sorry, I'm not paying $16 for two small bags of candy and 2 medium drinks haha).

This is what a typically bring around every single day: My MAC makeup bag, Chanel sunglasses, my keys, my camera because I loooooove to take pictures wherever I am, my cell phone (I actually HATE cell phones, I find them to be annoying because a lot of times I don't want to be found) Heavy Duty Hand cream because my hands are really dry, but it is a bit of a strong orange creamsicle scent, my IPod for all my kickin' tunes, and my beautiful coach wallet that is actually wet in this picture (I just cleaned it, and you can see the leather is wet around the edges)

These are the contents of my makeup bag including the bath and body works Japanese cherry blossom antibacterial gel, a travel sized mascara I got as a sample, MAC eyepencil in ebony, MAC dazzleglass in Baby sparks, Nars Orgasm blush, Too Faced Candy bar browns eye palette, victoria's secret apple body lotion, concealer, a nail clipper, a little box with a hair tie and bobby pins, a sample of Thierry Muglers Angel perfume (because I don't like to carry bottles), and a L'ancome travel brush set I got for $10 at an outlet store! I like to carry some of my least used products around just for emergencies (for example: Oh no! Is that my ex in the 7/11?? better pull out my mascara and lipgloss and concealer!) but not carry around any essentials in case I lose them. :) Or maybe I'm just high maintenance!


Vicky said...

Hi! LOVE the bag!!! You know any good webshop where I can find it?.. (I live in the Netherlands).. anyway I just stumbled upon your blog through youtube and I LOVE your tutorials! You're so creative :) keep up the great work! - Vicky

Vicky said...

oh btw I also have a blog at blog.vickii.nl :) but it is not a make up blog.. oh well! bye! :)

Julieann said...

I just find you funny and interesting....for now Ha!