Beauty From the Earth Swatches!

Love, love, LOVE these multipurpose minerals! Absolutely gorgeous. If you haven't already and are curious, check out my review of this product on my youtube channel! Here are the colors I have swatched on my arm with a bit of UDPP. PS some of the colors just arent being represented fairly and are much more beautiful in person. My favorites? Peacock, Green Apple, Blueberry, Seduction, and Lemon.



I plan to order soon! Just cause you have talked sooo highly of them! And they look so pretty. I'm going to press mine, it seems to work better for me. I've pressed all my loose pigments, Anyways, keep up the great work!!!!!

beautyblog said...

Yeah, I love Beauty From The Earth! I have a bunch of those colors! They're great!


Hey girl I just wanted to tell you that I just nominated your blog on mine!!


Sagar said...

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