L'Oreal HIP MAC pigment dupes!

For those of you looking for drugstore dupes to popular MAC pigments, look no further than the L'Oreal HIP pigments. I found it very easy to find alternatives to my favorite MAC pigments which was a huuuge plus. However, I definitely prefer the texture of MAC pigments. I find the HIP pigments to be on the chunky side. Also, I bought the HIP pigments at about $10-11. Thats cheaper than the almost $20 price tag that MAC is asking for, however MAC gives you a ton more product! So it's almost like you are paying the same price if you go by the amount given. Now if you waitied for a buy one get one sale? You're a lot smarter than me! :)


tiff said...

I much prefer the texture of Mac pigments too. I have Visionary, and I don't use it much because of how chunky it is.

The Prettiest Me said...

I love your blog! :)


miss muna said...

Essentially, what do pigments achieve that shadow doesn't? Is it personal preference? I remember you mentioned something abt pigments being unsafe and r used @ ur own risk. Will u fill me in on the 411 abt pigments? Tks girl!