MAC Well Defined Studio Sculpt Foundation!

Can I tell you how in love I am with this duo?? I have found my Holy Grail of foundations and concealers. It does take a bit to get used to though but it is totally worth the trial and error. This is a gel based foundation and concealer. It is a medium buildable to full coverage foundation and concealer. It has a bit of a tacky feel which I wasnt used to with my hyper real, and if you have any oily parts (only my nose is oily) you will want to set with a translucent powder to control the shine. However, this is meant to give a dewey appearance so I wouldnt suggest it to someone who had to use a ton of powder all over. It kind of goes on a bit streaky with a 187 or 190, but I have found a great technique to applying it to make it look absolutely flawless!

Start with some fix +

Give a spritz to a blush brush (116) and dab it into the foundation on your hand or a clean surface

Dab it on to skin and swirl to give an effortless and flawless look! (Downside! Shedding hairs from a brush really get stuck in this tacky foundation, so you'll have to pick them off rather than brush them off.)

Use a fluffle blending brush for concealer to give a more natural look, for more coverage use a synthetic concealer brush.

Here is a comparison between Studio Sculpt concealer in NW15 on the left, and Studio Finish concealer in NC20 on the right. See how much smoother the concealer on the left is?? Also It doesn't appear as cakey and thick. It almost takes on the texture of your skin virtually becoming invisable.

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natasha said...

what is next to the studio sculpt? is that a paintpot?